Asian Techmart Limited is a professional PVD coating expert. Asian Techmart is engaged in PVD coating service which was found in Hong Kong in 2006. Techmart (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd was set up in Shenzhen in the same year for the great demand of coating in mainland China. Served as the headquarter and R&D center, Techmart (Shenzhen) Limited provides coating solutions for all the coating centers of Asian Techmart which is up to the international standard

Asian Techmart has set up coating centers in Shenzhen, Zhuzhou, Wenling, Kunshan, Changzhou, and Beijing, so that we could deliver our premium coating services to the customers in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Asian Techmart has over 10 years of professional experience in coating field. Techmart imports coating machines from Switzerland and Germany. Techmart passed the registration of ISO9001:2015 quality management system. Professional technical team formed by senior engineers gathering from Hong Kong, and mainland China develops and proposes new coating solutions covering every field accordingly via deep analyzing coating composition and actual demand from customers.



Swiss-PVD, Switzerland
Swiss-PVD was established in Grenchen Switzerland in 2000, who specialises in PVD coating equipment, technology development and is s leading company in PVD coating.

1992 - Dr. Hermann Curtins and his team have developed planar and rectangular type of cathode for arc technology. This technology has been widely used by many different companies
1995 - Won an award at San Diego ICMCTF conference
2006 - Developed HDPP (High Density Pulse Plasma)
2010 - Developed splitting arc technology

Asian Techmart Limited has adopted Swiss-PVD equipment to provide high quality PVD coating to the market.

NeoCoat, Switzerland
NeoCoat is an expert in CVD diamond coating, which has over 25 years experience in manufacturing equipment for diamond coating. NeoCoat possesses unique technology including HFCVD diamond coating machine design, diamond growing, and application technology.

Asian Techmart Limited has adopted NeoCoat equipment to provide premium diamond coating to the customers.



With closely 20 years of development, accumulation of valuable experiences in functional coating area

Possessing a professional team for research, development and technical support, who graduated from the top 100 universities

Strong management team coming from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong with all round management experience, strategic alliance with Swiss-PVD from Swiss

Throughout continuous research and development to upgrade our standard and quality, having numerous patents in coating area, putting theoretical idea into practical application

Imported mainly from Swiss, our Quality Control and Testing Equipment could deliver stable and reliable results to our customers

Actively co-operating with universities with good support from local government to do research and provide training to the technical students and staffs Listening carefully to what customers need, in order to provide specific solutions to solve the problems they are facing

Full range of functional coating delivered (PVD,PACVD,Diamond Coating) Our coating centres are located close to customers around China from South to North, in order to provide prompt and good service to them