Coating Type Color Micro-hardness (HV) Thickness (μm) COF Highest temperature (℃) Properties Applications
Diamond MCDGrey Black100001-150.1400Pure diamond, high hardnessApply to Graphite and Ceramics
Diamond NCDGrey85001-150.1400Nano diamond crystal, high surface thicknessApply to Glossy graphite, carbon fiber board, PCB board
RBMulit-color25000.50.15500Excellent smooth surface, wear resistant, Improvement tools lifetime.Applied to stainless steel tool, parts, car parts
K750Grey-black40001~80.5900High hardness, wear-resistantApplied to alloy steel tool, parts, car parts
TiNGolden yellow24001~70.35600Excellent adhesion and fine surface finishApplied to forming, plastic injection molding, metal stamping, wear-resistant coatings for machine components. No affection on original surface finish and suitable for mirror coating.
TiCNBluish-grey37001~40.2400Wear-resistant, low-friction coefficientApplied to milling, press forming, tapping, injection molding and interrupted cutting
TiCN-MPRed-copper32001~40.2400 Excellent adhesion, excellent toughness, wear-resistantApplied to interrupted cutting, milling, tapping, forming, stamping
TiAlNPurplish-red33001~40.4800High temperature resistance, wear-resistant, excellent toughness and hardness, excellent adhesionApplied to drilling, turning, high-speed cutting, injection mold with glass fiber and hard plastic added
CrNSilver18001~70.3700Excellent surface finish, strong self-lubricating, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, excellent Applied to copper tool, injection molding, corrosive plastic, components like mechanical axis, pin. Can be performed with low temperature coating
F5Black38001~100.4900High hardness, oxidation-resistant, thermally stability, low cutting-resistanceApplied to abrasive materials, high-speed cutting for steels above 52HRC, thread turning, stainless steel cutting
TiCrNSilver/Gold30001~70.4600 Easy-demold, low-adhering, high wear-resistance, corrosion-resistantApplied to injection mold, punching die, components and injection mold with glass fiber and hard plastic added
HPSBlack38001~40.35~0.4900High wear-resistant, thermal stability, low frictionSpecialized coating for gear cutting, especially applicable for medium and high speed gear cutting
DLCGrey-black20001~30.1400 Low-friction coefficient, excellent adhesion, high lubricationApplied to coating of mold, parts and medical devices, especially applicable for slide and nonferrous metal
MDTRose-purple40001~40.25800Excellent toughness, high micro-hardnessIdeal coating for turning, drilling, milling and punching which is applicable for dry and wet high-speed cutting
ALLCopper43001~30.31200High temperature resistant, oxidation-resistant, strong abrasive resistantApplied to abrasive materials above 55HRC, especially applicable for high-speed cutting and dry-cutting which is dominant in tungsten carbide high-speed drill
TMACBluish-grey33000.4~40.31100Excellent heat temperature, oxidation resistance, high tenacity, wear-resistantApplied to gear hobs, punches, punching die, drill, insert and mirror surface stainless steel which is widely used in cutting, punching and Al die-casting
NF1White-gold2000 1~40.25550Coating without Ti nor CrApplied to plastic injection mold and silicone mold on anti-plastic sticking and also on aluminum, copper and titanium molding and its components
nA-Bu Blue- purple45001?40.1?0.21200 High thermal performance; High hardnessSuitable for hard cutting; Suitable for high requirement and general cutting condition; Appearance can be painted decorative blue
WC/CBlack30001~40.4400Low friction coefficient; High Lubricationl; Excellent impact resistance, fatigue resistance performanceApplicable to mold parts, such as gear, shaft, mechanical equipment of the sliding field of rolled piece